Day Injury Prevention

Day Injury Prevention

05.01.2015 Выкл. Автор crbkamen

December 18 — the day of injury prevention.

Injury problems especially in winter, is the hot topic of the season of ice and snow drifts. Literally every year in the Republic of Belarus get injured more than 760 thousand. People, of whom about 23% — children under the age of 18 years.

Injuries occupies a leading position in the structure of morbidity, is one of the main causes of primary disability and mortality of adult working-age population. In the structure of injuries occupy second place and street injuries account for about 17%. One reason for that is conducive to street injury is sleet.

Cold snap after the thaw or strong cold wind blown to the ground in slushy weather transform the city sidewalks in ice slides and rollers. Particularly treacherous slippery steps and pavement edge, they cause injury hardball — primarily it sprains, dislocations and fractures.

For seniors and women after 40 years of particularly heavy comminuted fractures. This is due to the increased fragility of bones caused by calcium deficiency — osteoporosis. Therefore, during the ice Trauma patients are often elderly and middle-aged women. But the most dangerous situation where people are falling, hit back of the head and get head injuries.


look carefully at his feet;
Go not widely, walk slowly;
step on the entire sole, but not on the toe, not on foot;
eschew untreated streets and bypass slippery places;
go where sidewalks sanded.
attach to the sole of the shoe strip of sandpaper or conventional plaster;
better to use shoes with corrugated soles;
girls at the time of ice should forget about the high, thin heels.
Roadway — a zone of special danger. Do not forget that the stopping distance of any vehicle in the ice increases several times.

If it’s you still slipped, fell and feel a sharp pain in the limbs, it is important to assess their condition. The main symptoms of a fracture or dislocation: a sharp pain, increasing edema, shortening of the injured limb and the inability to move it normally. Concussion is manifested by loss of consciousness (sometimes literally for a few moments), nausea, headache. Try to whatever was to attract the attention of passers-by to ask for help. They should call an ambulance or help to get to the nearest travmopunkta. Contacting emergency station or «fast» is mandatory completion of the sad event.

Do without the help of a doctor only in the case of lung injury. Simply attach to the sore spot something cold, it will reduce swelling and pain. Warm the affected area can not be, the effect is just the opposite. Be careful and cautious during the ice.