Our history

In the documents of the State Archive of Brest region there is information about the history of the hospital Kamenets and its activities during the period of the bourgeois-landlord Poland.

Territorial hospital. Year of construction 1910.

Territorial hospital. city of Kamenets

In 1910, in the town of Brest-Litovsk Kamenets county Grodno province was opened hospital. The need to open it is strongly dictated by a growing population of the town, which at that time was more than 5,000. By decision of the provincial government of Grodno hospital was built on the zemstvo funds, ie money in the form of tax, from the presses of the population in favor of local government.

After West Belarusian lands were ceded to the bourgeois-landlord Poland, Kamenetskaya hospital was transferred to the State and kept on public money. Since 1924, she was on the content of the Brest povet department.

Surgical office, delivery room, laboratory - all in one building. - 70th years

Surgical office, delivery room, laboratory — the 70th years

In the 30s of the 20th century in the hospital had 20 beds, 12 of which were intended for medical and surgical patients, 2 — for pregnant women and 4 — for tuberculosis patients. Worked in a hospital doctor, paramedic and nurse. Of the hospital’s medical equipment were primitive laboratory for testing and disinfection unit. The cost of treatment was 5 Zł. for each day of stay in hospital. Hospital outpatient clinic operated. Outpatient care per patient cost 1 złoty 50 pennies.

In January 1932, in the hospital were treated 48 patients with a total number of treatment days — 390. During the month of treatment patients received 1,950 Zł. If we take into account the fact that the budget Kamenets hospital for the quarter was listed expended on the sick funds in the amount of 149 Zł, it is seen that patients pay out of pocket not only their treatment, but also the content of the hospital staff.

Modern hospital. 1986. city of Kamenets

Modern hospital. 1986. city of Kamenets

Inpatient treatment services used only by representatives of the propertied classes. The poor were treated and died from disease at home. During the same January 1932 the hospital received only 2 mothers.
Free medical care, using the latest time for your medical equipment Kamenets residents and the surrounding villages received only after the establishment of Soviet power.